The Coach House at Brackenthwaite Holidays

It all started last November when we upgraded Coach House 1 and Coach House 2 which now go by The Coach House and Corner Cottage. These properties first came to be in the 1980s following the conversion of a large disused storage building and this is the first major upgrade they’ve had since then.

‘Go big or go home’ is what they say and big we went. These properties deserved the full works to live up to our Brackenthwaite brand and well, we’ll wait for your feedback but we’re very happy with the result.

The kitchen, the carpets, the windows, and the heating system were all ripped out and replaced. And it wouldn’t be a makeover without a whole new look now would it, so we had fun decorating these 2 gorgeous properties and added new fixtures and fittings to finish them off nicely.

It took six weeks to complete and we finished just in time for Christmas and New Year.

The plan was to leave it there but with 3 properties now dressed to impress it left Keeper’s Lodge a little left out. We couldn’t have that, so you guessed it, we made plans to upgrade Keeper’s too. In March this year, we donned our overhauls and builders’ hats once more and got back to it, breathing some style and sophistication into the living area in Keeper’s Lodge. This upgrade saw new flooring, furniture, fittings and fixtures go in plus a new kitchen whilst the bedrooms got new beds and furniture and we added some lovely new art to the walls.

Et voila, our 4 properties are looking their best ever and we couldn’t be more delighted to offer you your choice of 4 beautiful places to stay. What’s more, now that spring is upon us and there’s some heat in that sun, it won’t be long before the outside is just as bright and cheerful!


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